Accelerate Change with Games

TiER1ers Present
Webinar on
Gamified Behavior Change

Have you ever wondered how to make the task of getting your organization ready for a big change a more fun and measurable experience for everyone involved? Recently, Chief Learning Officer invited TiER1 consultants Caitlin Robie, Dustin Shell, and Rich Marmura to share their gamified solution (Adoptify) to change training and communication. We’re sharing the recorded webinar to help everyone make learning experiences more fun and measurable.

Want to watch the webinar? Click here.

When it comes to inspiring behavior change, there are certain factors that can help ensure that your training and communication are successful. Check out this recorded webinar if you want to:

  • Learn about five gamification principles that you can incorporate into your learning experience.
  • Understand how game mechanics can be applied effectively in a non-game environment.
  • Explore ways to apply micro and social learning to change behavior.
  • Learn how a gamified readiness model can activate training and learning.

Using game design principles to power your change and learning initiatives can be a game changer for your next project, and our webinar will show you how. Fill out a brief form to access the webinar.