Supporting the Journey

Supporting Employees Through Their
Mental Health Journey

This is how we reach the full potential of our greatest asset: people.

What if we could discuss mental health in the workplace as easily as we discuss getting the flu?

Supporting employees when they struggle physically, emotionally, and mentally is key to allowing us to reach the full potential of our greatest asset: people. When our people aren’t able to talk to us about issues that keep them from having a productive mindset, then it becomes almost impossible for them to focus on their performance.

Opening up the conversation about mental health is tremendously important, however you do it. Just ask Terence Andre, TiER1’s Chief Scientist. In this Q&A with our CEO Greg Harmeyer, the two discuss Terence’s journey to share his struggles with TiER1 and how being open as a leader and receiving support from other leaders had a tremendously positive impact on Terence and TiER1.

Curious about our Start the Conversation initiative? Learn more about why TiER1 got involved in this article from Greg.

Greg HarmeyerGreg Harmeyer is CEO of TiER1. During his leadership, TiER1 has become a multi-year Best Places to Work recipient and named to the Inc. 5000 list of the country’s fastest growing privately held companies for 11 years. He is passionate about unlocking the potential in people, teams, and ideas. He loves running, boating, coaching his kids’ basketball teams, and being a dad.

Terence AndreTerence Andre is Chief Scientist at TiER1. He’s passionate about leveraging human factors engineering principles to optimize the systems design so that users can perform their best when interacting with them. Dr. Andre is a retired Lt. Col. in the Air Force, where he had assignments in systems acquisition, test and evaluation, research and development, and academics.

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