Katie Frey

Managing Director, Strategic Change Capability Lead & Employee Owner

Katie Frey

Alma Mater
Miami University

What She’s Passionate About

Partnering with diverse leadership, business, and functional teams to develop tailored solutions to meet business and performance objectives.

What She Brings to the Table

Katie’s top five strengths include strategic, input, empathy, arranger and developer. She takes great pride in fostering personal and career development relationships with our clients and other TiER1ers. Her project experience includes a wide variety of organizational development, operations, and human resource initiatives including mergers & acquisitions, HR transformation, onboarding, culture, metric scoreboard, and employee engagement…to name a few. Katie has experience working with both national and global companies in a vast range of industries.

Her Secret Sauce

Katie’s memory capacity may catch you off-guard. Even when you think she wasn’t paying attention, her ability to recall details and context is what she calls her “secret sauce.”

She’s Not All Business

Katie cannot stand to live without a Starbucks Latte. She loves to dance. And she is a serious adrenaline junkie. She’ll agree to almost anything that gets her blood pumping!

Her Favorite Movie Quote

“I have a need for speed.” – Top Gun