Laura Hoppa

Principal Communications Consultant & Employee Owner

Laura Hoppa

Alma Mater
University of Dayton

What She’s Passionate About

Precise word choice… a well-turned phrase… crisp clarity… playful puns… and when sound mirrors meaning (as in the words rumble, balloon, freeze, and shaggy).

What She Brings to The Table

With 20 years of Communications and Marketing experience, Laura has helped organizations discuss topics that are complicated, important, insightful, celebratory, shocking and fun. Her background in not-for-profit, healthcare, and accounting taught her how to make the complex conversational – and the ordinary relational. She’s got a passion for shaping work-happy cultures: the kind where people can unleash their talents, form friendships, and achieve results.

Her Street Cred

Laura’s got a knack for creating remarkable client relationships. That could be because in 2015 she wrote a book about it!

Grace Despite Her Um… Gracelessness

She might drop something, walk into a desk or take a spill right in front of you. In fact, Laura literally tripped and fell to the floor the day she interviewed at TiER1. But she’s got a way of recovering – there’s just something likeable about a woman who can laugh at herself!

Favorite things

A good book
Dinner out with friends
Beach vacations
Her husband Jason, kids Simon and Leo…and dogs Cinnamon and Toast