Rita Mann

Change and Communication Strategist & Employee Owner

Rita Mann

Alma Mater
University of Georgia (go dawgs – native Athenian)

What She’s Passionate About

Shaping performer and customer experiences and telling stories that bring meaning and prompt action related to organizational change and the achievement of business objectives.

Professional Experience

Rita brings 25 years of experience split two ways: Between external communication (advertising and marketing at global scale) and internal. And between working for organizations like BellSouth, Prologis and St. Joseph’s Hospital and for consultancies of all sizes, including a three-year stint as Senior Manager for Business Change at Accenture.

Making an Impact

Building homes with Habitat for Humanity. She loves that you sometimes meet the people you are helping on the job site and learn to do useful stuff around the house.

Where She Shines

Rita’s happy space is learning new industries and hobbies. She has an insatiable curiosity and desire to understand. Rita has a second degree in interior design and designed model homes and clubhouses for a couple of years to take a break from corporate America. Her articles have published in a few magazines. Rita loves magazines and hopes long-form print never dies.

Favorite Things

Friends and family
Excellent food and cooking
All things outdoors in Colorado, including XCS, snow shoe and hiking
Water: lakes, oceans and rivers
Talking to people, capturing and articulating their stories
German Shorthair Pointers