Andy Erickson

Senior Solutions Consultant & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
University of Cincinnati

What He’s Passionate About

Bringing out the best performance in people, showcasing the value they bring to their work, and unlocking that value for their organization. Andy enjoys listening carefully to people to let them know they have a voice, and then gives them the room they need and the permission to succeed.

His Professional Experience

Andy brings over two decades of software development and systems engineering experience to his work. He talks tech while being able to span the business, supporting training and development needs. His project and program management work have taken him across the globe. Andy is also an expert facilitator. He’s planned and led conferences of hundreds and facilitated work groups of 10. Not too shabby for someone with an English literature degree.

His Potential Realized

Is under the hood. Andy loves to be in his garage and under his car. It’s his favorite way to get away and unwind. Whether it’s replacing wheel bearings or control arm bushings, or polishing the paint and laying on a beautiful coat of sealant, he enjoys bringing cars back to life.

How He Makes a Difference

Andy leads the Cincinnati chapter of HOPE worldwide, an international volunteer organization bringing resources, supplies, and relief to disaster areas around the world. He’s had the privilege of serving as the chair of the National Chapter Advisory Board, which set objectives and trained volunteers in over 100 chapters across the country, and he currently serves on the National Leadership Council for the U.S. organization.

His All-Time Favorite Sports

Formula 1 racing and ice hockey, because both are fast-paced, agile sports. One wrong move and you’ll end up in a pile against the boards.

Fun Facts

Can’t live without Breckenridge, CO.
Loves eating at Habanero Latin American Fare in Clifton (Cincinnati).
All-in family guy who loves his wife and three daughters and would do anything for them.