Anna Grome

Principal Organizational Performance Consultant & Employee Owner

Anna Grome

Alma Mater
Denison University
Wright State University

What She’s Passionate About

Learning new things and having a positive impact on her colleagues and clients.

Professional Experience

Anna is an industrial-organizational psychologist with 15+ years of experience helping organizations solve tough problems related to work performance. She has helped design and evaluate solutions that include change management strategies, training, performance support, competency modeling, and improved interfaces, workspaces, and work processes.

Her Street Cred

Anna has partnered with colleagues and clients in both the public and private sector to get to the heart of their performance challenges and design customized solutions to optimize performance and engagement in the workplace.

Where She Shines

Anna is at her best when she is helping individuals, teams, and organizations work through their challenges to achieve optimal performance, engagement, and satisfaction.

What She Enjoys Most

Her family. There’s no place Anna would rather be than in her “Family Bubble” with her husband, two girls, and their dog and cat.

Fun Fact

Anna is a violinist and has been perfecting her craft since she was four years old!