Anne-Marie Ireland

Technology Consultant & Employee Owner

Anne-Marie Ireland

Alma Mater
University of New Orleans

What She’s Passionate About

Using technology to connect people to the resources they need.

What She Brings to the Table

Anne-Marie has spent quite some time (20 years in fact) finding ways to help people use technology to accomplish their goals, including customer support and outreach, computer-based training, and customized online systems that facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and communication. She’s done it all! She even finds time to do a little writing and voiceover here and there.

An Unlikely Path

Although graduating with an English degree, Anne-Marie loved technology. She started using the internet when it only had one font! Her first job out of college was a customer service analyst for a Federal payroll center in New Orleans. They still had a green-screen mainframe system as their network (no LAN) so she was the only person there who had ever used Windows. The agency wanted to create CBT for a new client-server Windows-based system. She was picked to learn the CBT software, AND the programming language. She then got involved in user forums and realized she really enjoyed programming and making things happen on-screen. It was a match made in heaven!

How She’ll Surprise You

Anne-Marie has a theatrical bent, and enjoys acting in several community theatres around town. She even has a bit of a reputation for her British accent.

Things She Loves

Cooking and Baking