Annie Inks

Change Consultant & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
Indiana University

What She’s Passionate About

Facilitating the culture of change around any business initiative. Annie loves to promote new knowledge, growth, and innovation in the face of adversity. She enjoys helping people develop a skill that they can apply again and again both on the job and outside of work. For Annie, it’s a thrill to think that she might have some small part to play in the overall well-being of an organization, team, or individual.

An Unlikely Path

In college, Annie changed her major several times; she started with accounting and ended up with journalism. Annie’s career began as a recruiter for a closeout retail chain headquartered in her hometown. Eventually, she recruited herself into a position with the learning and development team, where she managed technical education for the office, stores, and distribution centers. The rest, as they say, is history. Annie has worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations, assisting with training, communications, and change management for major technology implementations and other enterprise initiatives.

How She Makes a Difference

Annie is an advocate for animals both as an adoption counselor and foster mom. In addition to her husband and two children, she shares her home with a variety of animals.

She’s Also Known As

The Queen of Bike Races. Growing up, Annie won the local Labor Day bike race every year until her parents thought it best for her to give someone else a chance. The local newspaper came to her house to interview her when she finally “retired.”

Fun Facts

Has read every page of Gone with the Wind, but she’s never seen the movie.
Can’t live without Antiques Roadshow and 80s music.
Must have pretzel bites, peanut M&Ms, and a Coke with extra ice when she goes to the movies (and she can’t miss those previews!).
Met her husband after college, but they grew up six blocks apart as kids.