Brad Knueven

Market Development Director & Employee Owner

Brad Knueven

Alma Mater
Auburn University

What He’s Passionate About

Connecting people and opportunities, and clarifying the possibilities.

Professional Experience

Brad started his career in technology with a software start-up and enjoyed solving start-up problems and talking with customers. After graduate school he took a tour with a Big 4 firm to gather broader exposure to the business world, but was drawn back to smaller organizations. He later joined a team leading a small food R&D company and then invested a season of life caring-taking for a family member. He knew work would be there when he re-entered the professional world, and it turned out the working hiatus very positive impact on his career.

He’s Not All Business

Brad loves working with his hands. He roasts his own coffee beans and even restores vintage garden tractors. And if you get to know Brad, you’ll find he will come up with an analogy for everything, and most of them fit.

What He Loves

His family which includes his wife, Linsey, and three kids, Mary, Claire, and William.
Volunteering with his church because he loves being part of a community that’s a force in our city and beyond.
C.F. Burger’s Colonial Style Custard Egg Nog because it’s just delicious.
Bulls. Just kidding, but he’s run with them twice in Pamplona, Spain.