Bradley Richert

Performance1 Consultant & Employee Owner

Bradley Richert

What He’s Passionate About

Bradley loves to learn new technologies in order to add capabilities–especially in the mobile space.

Professional Experience

Bradley’s background is in development and SQL server database. He is on the Performance1 team and his skills have grown to include web development in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and any other libraries that meet client needs. He is also works in the mobile space and has worked on projects built to work on the android device.

An Unlikely Path

Bradley didn’t expect to get into software and web development. He worked retail most of his life, but was ready for a change. He went back to school to earn a degree in computer science. He says it was the best decision of his life and found an amazing place to showcase his skills.

His Family

Bradley and his wife love being parents to their daughter, CJ. The Richert household also includes their two dogs, Jack and Scarlette.

Fun Facts

Bradley is a huge Harry Potter fan. And he pretty much loves all video games. His favorites are Final Fantasy 7, 9, and Super Mario 3.
He is a huge Louisville Cardinals Fan.
He can’t live without his cell phone.