Brandon Penticuff

Technical Strategist and Senior Solutions Consultant

Alma Mater
Ball State University

What He’s Passionate About

Brandon loves helping people resolve technical problems and mapping out innovative solutions. He also has a passion for game design; his favorite projects involve leveraging game design principles and mechanics to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

What He Brings to the Table

Brandon is adept at wearing multiple hats at TiER1, and can switch them out as needed to help clients and colleagues. In addition to consulting as a technical strategist, he also manages TiER1 Indy’s AWS Cloud architecture, develops custom chatbot solutions for clients, supports our SaaS product, and assists with local IT support. Whatever the problem, Brandon can figure it out!

Family Matters

Brandon married his college sweetheart, Sarah. They enjoy traveling, game-playing, and watching the TV show Survivor with their son Jordan.

Fun Facts

Brandon loves puzzles of every sort – even lock-picking! Also, he feels his StrengthsFinder results are accurate to who he is; his Top 5 strengths are analytical, achiever, learner, restorative, and responsibility.