Christina Misali

Senior Consultant & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
Xavier University

What She’s Passionate About

Helping people find their professional fit. She loves the process of career exploration and digging into what motivates each person to produce their best work.

Her Professional Experience

Christina has a cyclical career path. She started in campus recruiting at Xavier, moved on to HR in health care, then joined a small consulting firm as a training coordinator. She then realized she wanted something new and jumped into the StartupCincy scene at Cintrifuse. Three years later, she concluded that helping people find their way is her true passion. She studied best practices from all of those employers and realized TiER1 was doing everything she wanted. She’s excited to apply her older and wiser ways to recruiting again!

Where Her Potential is Fully Realized

Being a control freak while simultaneously wanting everyone to like you can be a challenge. For Christina, that challenge is an opportunity to realize her potential as a day-of wedding coordinator (because who wants to rock at just one job when you can rock at two?). She loves running logistics for the brides and helping them relax on their big day. She also enjoys running the show behind the scenes for people who actually want her to control every aspect of the day.

What People Say About Her

When Christina has free time, she’s coming up with a list of things to do. She does not like relaxing.

Fun Fact

Washes her hands more times in a day than most people do in a week.
Can’t live without her FitBit, champagne, trail mix, and her godson, Zayne
Loves breakfast (like, really LOVES breakfast).