Christopher Cunetto

Senior Consultant, Creative Strategist & Employee Owner

Photo of Christopher Cunetto

Alma Mater
Corcoran College of Art + Design

What He’s Passionate About  

Delivering engaging, surprising, and expertly wrought visual experiences and strategic creative solutions. Christopher utilizes holistic design thinking to create human-focused products and service outcomes for business and communications challenges. 

His Professional Experience  

Christopher comes to TiER1 with almost a decade of experience in creative. Turning a freelance career into a small business, he has worked with a huge variety of client types and sizes. He believes that creative doesn’t just sell the product, it is the product—and that visual experiences that are unique, contextual, and captivating are crucial to the success and impact of a product. Some of his previous clients include Anthem, Atlantic Media, Samsung, and Vox Media. 

Where His Potential Is Fully Realized 

Christopher’s potential is fully realized when he can bring his eye and strategic brain to a project and execute something that is visually stunning and surprising. His background in fine art and illustration has taught Christopher to approach design and creative contextually, bringing new tools and conventions to each project with the intent to develop something unique and impactful. When he is able to use the visual to “wow” the audience or user, he feels like the message or purpose of the product can then take over. 

His Values in Action 

Christopher is fully committed to living and embracing the wholeness life. It isn’t always easy, but to him this means attempting to move through the positive and negative moments equally and with grace, and fully stepping into the present moment without resisting what it might be. He tries to make sure his path in life reflects this philosophy, and uses his skills and career to create more opportunities going forward for himself and those around him. 

Fun Facts   

All-time favorite movie is The Fifth Element. 
Can’t live without music or Photoshop. 
Secret talent is drywall repairs. 
Used a data-driven approach (and a few spreadsheets) to perfect his family’s meatball recipe. 
A huge fan of house plants. Christopher has a 7-foot-tall bird of paradise plant named Fancy.