Cindy Blikre

Change and Communications Consultant

Photo of Cindy Bilkre

Alma Mater
Northwestern University
University of North Dakota

What She’s Passionate About

Leveraging the power of teamwork to provide innovation solutions to client business challenges.

Her Professional Experience

Prior to joining TiER1, Cindy worked for over 20 years in the advertising industry, serving in senior-level client leadership roles on global brands. She decided to switch careers and focus on organizational change, going back to Northwestern University to pick up a second masters’ degree.

Where She Makes a Difference

Cindy can’t live without books—she has a large home library as well as a digital one on her Kindle. To give back, she volunteers with Bernie’s Book Bank in Chicago, an organization that strives to provide each Chicago child in need with a 10+ book library of their own. She is also a board member of the University of North Dakota Alumni Association and Foundation and a board member for New Trier High School’s Booster Club.

Her Potential Realized

Travel planning is Cindy’s secret talent and passion. In another life, she totally would have been a travel agent. She visits Scandinavia whenever possible (her ancestors are from Norway). Her all-time favorite travel spots include Lisbon, Oslo, Copenhagen, New York, Barcelona, and London.

Family Matters

Cindy’s daughter Anika is a multi-sport athlete, and Cindy says much of her free time is spent watching Anika in action or driving her to practice!

Fun Facts

Would eat pizza every day if she could.
Loves to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.
Can’t live without exercise or yoga pants.