Clinton Wray

Visual Designer & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
University of Cincinnati

What He’s Passionate About

Using design in meaningful ways to help people.

His Professional Experience

During his time at UC’s DAAP program, Clinton co-oped at three different companies for a total of five semesters. As part of his co-op with KineticVision, Clinton designed websites and instructional apps, and gained experience with 3D animation. Before joining TiER1, Clinton worked at a small company called Paperplane Creative where he created Flash banners and assisted with larger animations.

He Lives for This Stuff

Clinton has been passionate about teaching himself 3D modeling and animation. (His program of choice is Cinema 4D.)

All-Time Favorite Book Series

The Dark Tower saga by Stephen King. Clinton loves this series because it pulls in aspects from many of King’s other books outside the series, creating an expansive universe. Clinton also enjoys that King pulls in characters and themes from other stories such as The Wizard of Oz.

Fun Facts

Guitarist who is mostly self-taught.
Can’t live without Chipotle or his MacBook Pro.