Corey Leverette

Principal Consultant & Employee Owner

Corey Leverette

Alma Mater
University of Georgia

What He’s Passionate About

Finding the right levers to activate the connection between personal and corporate goals.

What He Brings to the Table

For over twenty years Corey has served the Fortune 1000 community as a valued partner and trusted guide. He delivers products and services that drive top line sales and reduce bottom line expenses. Always with an eye for the long-term, Corey invests in meaningful relationships. A student of culture, he seeks to produce relevant and engaging solutions that align with business goals. He thrives at the intersection of people and performance, where he continues to find new ways to help individuals and organizations reach their potential.

How He Makes a Difference

Corey serves as chair of the advisory board for Caminar Latino. Caminar provides life-changing services for individuals and families impacted by domestic violence.

He’s Not All Business

Corey and his wife, Cindy, have a vibrant home life. They are the legal guardians of Michael, a nephew of theirs. Two international exchange students currently live with them, Benz from Thailand and Anna from Korea. And also three mixed breed rescue dogs, Bear, Lobo, and Gurley!

He Can’t Live Without

UGA football
Cindy’s cooking
Ribeye steaks