Danny O’Byrne

Communications and Change Consultant

Photo of Danny O'Byrne

Alma Mater
University of Nebraska Omaha

What He’s Passionate About

Building communication plans that drive business results and tell the story of “why.”

His Street Cred

With a background in journalism and corporate communications, Danny has served as a strategic business partner and consultant to leadership teams throughout his career. His experience in the construction and engineering, transportation and logistics, and healthcare industries honed his ability to turn a complicated message into an engaging story. He has been the managing editor of a Fortune 250 company’s magazine, developed action plans to improve employee engagement scores, and managed internal communication channels including newsletters, intranet sites, and all-employee town halls and meetings. He loves to work with subject-matter experts to identify the right audiences for the right messages and to support change management initiatives with innovative communications solutions.

His Values in Action

On the first Election Day after Danny moved to Pennsylvania, he wrote himself in for an obscure position that had no candidates on the ballot, and that one vote was enough to win. It turns out the position is essentially “poll worker.” Danny lives out TiER1’s value of accountability through his commitment to providing the residents of Pittsburgh Ward 6 District 1 the best Election Day experience possible twice per year.

He’s Not All Business

When not crafting awesome communications, Danny loves to travel with his wife, Mary. They both love hanging out with their cat, Lord John Meowbury.

Fun Facts

Has had the honor of officiating three weddings.
Can’t live without pizza or ice cream (although he recognizes that there’s a problem that his answer is not “pizza or running shoes”).