Danyele Harris-Thompson

Principal Consultant, Change Management Strategist & Employee Owner

Danyele Harris-Thompson

Alma Mater
Bowling Green State University

What She’s Passionate About

Making change transparent and seamless for those people who are most impacted by it and most responsible for its success.

Her Street Cred

Danyele has over 15 years of experience developing people-centered solutions that help organizations achieve their goals. This includes capturing and translating expert knowledge, assessing organizational needs and opportunities, and building and executing integrated change management strategies. She’s relationship-focused and loves to check in with former clients, even if it’s been a while since they’ve worked together. She enjoys knowing how they and their teams are doing.

How She’ll Surprise You

Danyele is one of the most flexible, detail-oriented people you’ll meet. It doesn’t matter if the blinds are up or down, as long as they’re even! She’s also a hard-core gamer with a definite need for speed! And…she’s also just a few words away from finishing her first fiction novel.

Family Love

Danyele tells us that her boys, Anthony and Eric, are joy in its purest form.

Favorite Quote

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” –Marianne Williamson