Dave Arnold

Senior Consultant

TiER1 bio

Alma Mater
University of Georgia

What He’s Passionate About

Dave is passionate about identifying the real issue or problem that needs to be fixed in a situation. He also believes that understanding the “why” behind a problem helps create better solutions. He also values building strong relationships, and believes that everyone has an important role to play no matter their career level or job title.

Why Clients Love Him

A big win for Dave is when a client sees positive results after a successful campaign or event. He likes to build strong relationships with his clients and becomes the “go-to guy” to get things done. He is always ready to help people out. It might be a creative brainstorming session, a peer review to make sure everything makes sense, or just some help to set up a second computer monitor. No matter if it’s big or small, Dave is always willing to help. 

His Street Cred

Dave has worn a lot of different hats in his career. This has taught him that no job is too big, and no job is too small. He is tenacious and always looks for ways to drive continual improvement. His persistence helps create solutions that solve the problem and achieve measurable resultsHis first job after graduation was with Waffle House, where he created a broad range of communication solutions for hourly and management associates. He also learned to cook inside a Waffle House (yes, he had his own cook’s shirt). He moved on to become a video producer for a wide range for Fortune 500 clients, and then an instructional designer for the world’s largest home improvement retailer.  

How He’ll Surprise You

Dave loves the grocery store. He also loves to cook. His perfect grocery list is one that creates as many meals as possible, at the best price, with no unused ingredients at the end of the week. 

He’s Not All Business

Dave is always committed to his family. He jokes that he feels like a taxi driver each week as he shuttles his two daughters to and from school and extracurricular events, but he wouldn’t change a thing! Dave believes in a strong work-life balance and stays as flexible as possible to meet both client and family commitments.