Dennis Carroll

Senior Consultant, Project Management

Alma Mater
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts – Amherst

His Street Cred

Dennis’s career has been focused on the field of life sciences. He has over 15 years of training, staff management, project management, and learning development experience. He’s also a master people and project manager who’s led teams in food service, laboratory animal science, and learning and development.

An Unlikely Path

While in his undergraduate biology program, Dennis worked closely with his herpetology professor. This led to a variety of odd jobs, including: pushing a 35-foot reticulated python out of the way to clean its cage (Dennis’s advice? “Don’t look like food and always know where the fangs are!”); carrying an alligator down two flights of stairs to let it walk around a classroom; and fighting off angry iguanas and gopher snakes (the scars remain).

How He’ll Surprise You

Dennis loves visiting new countries to get in deep with the local culture and (painfully for the listener) try to speak the local language. He also loves building stories with his Dungeons and Dragons groups (yes, plural!).