Devin Arbenz

Learning Consultant

Alma Mater
Miami University

What She’s Passionate About

Making the world a better place by equipping people with the tools they need to succeed.

Her Professional Experience

Devin studied professional writing and strategic communications at Miami. She is proudest of her skills in content management and organization, technical writing, and high-volume solutions.

How She Makes a Difference

Devin is passionate about volunteer work as a way to give back to her community and is an active member of TiER1’s GiVE Service Board. She has volunteered at animal shelters, parks, childcare centers, local fundraisers, senior living facilities, health care facilities — the list goes on.

Fun Facts

She has a personal letter from Mr. Rogers hanging above her desk at home.
Obsessed with animals, especially her cat Etta.
Couldn’t live without her siblings (they have matching tattoos).