Don Frericks

Mercury Navigator

Key Advising Traits
Rapid Leadership Development
Focus on Love and Compassion
Asking the Hard Questions
Developing Strengths and Uncovering Blind Spots

Training and Certifications
Center for Authentic Leadership
Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence Course
Lions’ Lead
O’Brien Group Executive Coach Development Process
Wilson Learning Courses
Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Leader
Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Performer

His Professional Experience

Don Frericks is a facilitator, coach, and leadership trainer with over 35 years of business experience in a variety of industries. After many years holding executive and managerial roles, he now calls upon a combination of experience and training to coach and advise leaders at all levels. His commitment to rapid leadership development enables organizations to swiftly develop outstanding leaders at all levels.

His Advising Approach

Don believes in the power of leadership training to transform organizational culture. He helps clients develop their strengths, uncover blind spots, and develop positive replacement habits for roadblock behaviors. As a former executive himself, Don has been exposed to a wide range of business cultures, successes, and failures that inform his ability to help leaders grow. He has a love for asking the hard questions that allow leaders to reflect and grow.

Don’s advising practice is also rooted in love and compassion. He believes that, once leaders have compassion for themselves and their teams, a combination of great process and persistent, deep practice have the ability to transform individuals and the organizations they lead. He is committed to going on a leadership journey with every client he takes on.

He’s Not All Business

Outside of work, Don enjoys quiet time for reflection, journaling, meditation, yoga, and prayer. He is a regular golfer and has been involved in a variety of organizations and boards in his home community of Mason, OH. He cherishes time spent with his grandchildren and loves going on dates with his wife of over 30 years.