Eric Lodor

Director of Technology and Creative Services & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
Binghamton University
Miami University

What He Brings to the Table

A certified scrum master and agile software developer, Eric has been a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies for over twenty years. He knows eLearning, how to manage it, develop it, and deliver it. An experienced technical project manager, Eric consistently leads high performing teams.

Why Clients Love Him

Eric can manage and lead at the same time, just don’t ask him to walk and chew gum. He wisely and readily employs his resources at the opportune time. Able to both delegate and coach, Eric’s human touch is a rarity in the IT world.

An Unlikely Path

He studied rhetoric in college. No wonder his manner is so grandiloquent.

He’s Not All Business

Eric can’t live without local craft beer and boxing gloves. He has discovered, however, that it can be difficult to drink local craft beer while wearing boxing gloves.

Fun Fact

Eric’s wedding party was a wonderful ethnic mash-up: a Blackfoot Indian, two Algonquin Indians, and three Filipinos.