Guvenc Erdem

Visual Designer and Animator & Employee Owner

Guvenc Erdem

Alma Mater
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

What He’s Passionate About

Guvenc is passionate about combining technology, design, and content to create meaningful communication pieces.

Professional Experience

Guvenc started as an IT manager and studied graphic design to do what he’s really passionate about. He says he is “so happy that my job is my passion.”

How He’ll Surprise you

Guvenc studied and lived in Russia and Moscow for eight years before he moved to the U.S. His accent is a combination of Turkish and Russian. He speaks three languages and is passionate about communication. He is also a Guitar Hero drummer on expert level who can’t live without his headphones and bicycle.

What People Say About Him

Guvenc lives his life the way he designs. If he doesn’t have a purpose, then he doesn’t need it in his life. He is grateful that TiER1 enables him to follow his passion and gives him a purpose to do so.

Favorite Things

Pets, particularly his brother’s dog
San Francisco
Metallica (Black Sabbath is a close second)