Ha-Trang Parks

Creative Consultant

Alma Mater
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

What She’s Passionate About

Ha-Trang is a multi-media developer who loves using visual design to create engaging stories and enhance communication with others.

What She Brings to the Table

Ha-Trang graduated from college with mechanical drafting and computer graphics training. She has spent her career designing graphics for the web, print, and eLearning, as well as creating motion graphics. In her work, she is task-oriented and thrives on curiosity. If someone is telling her about something, her brain immediately jumps to questions of “Why?” and “How?”

How She’ll Surprise You

Life’s challenges have led Ha-Trang to become resourceful in order to survive – while difficult, she says these challenges also helped her discover her full potential. She used to make clothes for a living, can cook and photograph food professionally, and has been her family’s barber for many years.

Her Favorite Book

Gone with the Wind is Ha-Trang’s favorite book. She first read it in its Vietnamese translation when she was young and still re-reads it now. The story opened her mind to the complicity and delicacy of human nature, and raised questions for her about how and why humans act the way they act through history and drama. It also caused her to think about the differences between Eastern women and Western women, and how they might make different choices in the same situation because of differences in culture.

On a personal level, Ha-Trang says Gone with the Wind taught her two important lessons: first, to talk less and listen more; and second, to never give up hope. The relentless determination of the optimistic characters has always stuck with her.