Hannah Staller

Change Consultant

Alma Mater
Willamette University
Vanderbilt University

What She’s Passionate About

Hannah is passionate about unpacking and solving complex problems, asking powerful questions, and improving communication between individuals and teams.

Where She Shines

Although she was a shy child, Hannah always loved being on stage, whether it was playing a dancing mouse in Cinderella, giving a presentation on volcanoes, or singing in a rock band. According to her mother, “Hannah was quiet, but when she was on stage, she would come alive.” Hannah attributes this to being a Leo and has since become a more talkative and outgoing adult. While she’s not on stage much these days, she does love a good public speaking opportunity or karaoke song.

Her Professional Experience

Hannah got her professional start in the nonprofit sector. Working for a grant making foundation and a fundraising organization, she saw both sides of the sector. She witnessed the powerful yet difficult work nonprofits and foundations tackle and became interested in how organizations can function more efficiently to better serve their communities. With a powerful learning itch to scratch, Hannah decided to pursue a master’s degree in leadership and organizational performance and hopes to help businesses maximize their performance as a change consultant.

Her Values in Action

Since graduating from college, Hannah has lived and worked in 6 different states. Although being a nomad comes with its challenges, Hannah feels fortunate to have made good friends and colleagues across the country. This experience has taught her the value of new and lifelong friendships.

Fun Facts

Hannah can’t live without coffee, podcasts, her cat Kinsey, or pictures of Corgis.

Although a collector of quotes (she has six hanging next to her desk), Hannah’s favorite one right now is “Be the girl who decided to go for it” because it reminds her to be bold and courageous enough to pursue her dreams.