Ian Cooley

Creative Consultant & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
California College of the Arts

What He’s Passionate About  

Using technology to activate human creativity. Ian takes a people-centered approach to product design and digital storytelling. 


His Professional Experience  

Ian is a seasoned UX designer and information architect with experience in both digital marketing and SaaS (software as a service) product delivery. Crossing disciplines, Ian uses his knowledge of video production, graphic design, and interaction design to create solutions that communicate the right message with the right medium. 


How He Makes a Difference 

Ian loves helping people find their creative voice. He hosts and leads monthly workshops where local creators can share their work and receive constructive feedback. 


An Unlikely Path 

After graduating from college, Ian worked as a ranch hand on a large cattle ranch in Colorado. It was a true “city slicker” experience where he spent his days on horseback moving herds of cattle and mending fences. 


Fun Facts 

Can’t live without Evernote or dance music. 

An enthusiastic taxonomist. Ian keeps a highly organized digital journal for mapping and categorizing his favorites images, gifs, links, and ideas.