Jackie Crofts

Creative Consultant

Alma Mater
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

What She’s Passionate About

Jackie is an illustrator who loves using visual storytelling to help people understand information and connect through stories.

What She Brings to the Table

Jackie is always finding new and creative ways to tell stories. She has a background in sequential narrative, game design, and illustration. She likes to translate these skills into creating fun and interactive experiences that can solve complex problems through storytelling and games. She also loves to try new strategies, mediums, and methods when it comes to creativity.

Professional Experience

At heart, Jackie has a passion for illustrating and cartooning. Her published works include the creator-owned 15-issue comic Nutmeg, an issue of the comic series Princeless, a short comic in the comic collection You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife, and other self-published titles. She also loves to exhibit at conventions to get her comics out to the public.

How She’ll Surprise You

Jackie’s minor in college was Japanese. She still studies it and really enjoys the visual side of learning the language. Additionally, Jackie has been to a primitive skills camp twice in the Appalachian Mountains and really enjoys outdoor exploring.

She’s Not All Business

Jackie lives with her partner, Dan, a full-time comic artist and writer, and her cat, Momo, who she says is a lazy, no-good pile of lumps. She loves talking to others about movies, games, TV, and music, and says she can’t live without her Cintiq and a boatload of good music.