Jackie Lutzke

Senior Consultant

Alma Mater
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Concordia University-Ann Arbor

What She’s Passionate About

Jackie is passionate about details. She believes that clarity, cogency, and communication happen best when you attend to small details with the same care you would use for big ideas.

Her Street Cred

Despite the fact that Jackie has been obsessed with reading and language since childhood (her family used to joke that she’d read everything but the phone book), it didn’t sink in until 12th grade that she could and should study those things in college. She went on to earn a BA in English and an MA in English and Writing. She’s applied her writing acumen, love of detail, analytical yet practical sensibilities, and passion for helping people to an assortment of jobs before her arrival at TiER1: admissions counselor, college writing professor, web copywriter, and instructional writer. 

Where She Shines

Jackie is an award-winning poet and published creative nonfiction writer, focusing in flash (really short!) creative nonfiction. She finds the small, seemingly ordinary moments of life the most interesting, and she’s working on compiling some of her flash memoir into a larger collection.  Jackie’s interest in and aptitude for seeing and shaping the seemingly ordinary is a key part of her work, if you need someone who can find and tell your organization’s story, Jackie can help. 

Her All Time Favorite

In her early 30s, Jackie went on a solo hiking adventure in Moab, Utah, and she’s never looked back (although she did, admittedly, come back to her Midwestern home). Utah now ranks as her favorite place in the U.S., and Jackie has since hiked in Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks, with plans to pick up Capitol Reef – and visit all her favorites again – soon.

What She Can’t Live Without

Next to bookslanguage, and writing, music is Jackie’s can’t-live-without. She’s always on the hunt for new indie artists. To formalize the obsession, Jackie curated a #songoftheday playlist in 2018, sharing out a song find each day for the entire year. (The ambitious can locate and follow the playlist on Spotify!) 

Fun Fact

Jackie is a terrible whistler. Unrelated, but additionally, she has recently developed what her brother calls “adult onset Wisconsin accent,” despite having never lived there. Jackie attributes the accent to her attentive, detailabsorbing nature (and her love of Christine Baskets). She has no explanation for her ineptitude in whistling.