James Gregory

Instructional Designer

Alma Mater
The University of Georgia, Athens
Western Michigan University
Central Michigan University

What He’s Passionate About

James enjoys finding efficiencies and using them to their maximum potential to meet team and client needs. He also enjoys creating and arranging experiences that keep audience or user attention while delivering useful (and usable) content.

An Unlikely Path

James has a past life as an accomplished and eclectic academic. He started with a bachelor’s degree in English and Broadcasting from Central Michigan University, where he hosted morning and heavy metal shows on the university radio station. Then, he obtained a master’s degree in Medieval Studies from Western Michigan University, during which time he conducted original research on medieval manuscripts at a variety of historical, storied libraries in England and Wales.

To top it off, he has a Ph.D. in English from the Univeristy of Georgia, Athens; while obtaining this degree, he spent four terms at Jesus and Keble Colleges at Oxford. He then taught technical communication courses and served as the Assistant Director of the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech before finding his way outside the Ivory Tower and into the world of learning and development.

In between all this, he also became a master of languages! He has studied various forms of Latin and Welsh, as well as Anglo Saxon and modern German.

Favorite Words of Wisdom

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”
James says this quote from Robert Louis Stevenson helps him control his tendency to attempt too much too quickly. When he wants to harvest more than he should, Stevenson’s insight keeps him thankful for today and hopeful for tomorrow. It reminds him that the process is as important as the result.

How He’ll Surprise You

James enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with his wife and daughter, as well as arguing periodically with his loquacious cat. He otherwise keeps himself busy with an excessive array of personal distractions, which includes learning foreign languages, practicing martial arts, playing guitar, and keeping up with good (if sometimes disturbing) television and video games.

Fun Facts

James has trained formally in Isshinryu karate, Taekwondo, Judo, MMA, Hapkido, and Aikido.
He has a beerware collection of over 100 individual pints, growlers, steins, and Maßkrüge.
Originally from Detroit, he firmly believes that the 1970 Oldsmobile A-bodies are the most beautiful cars General Motors ever produced.