Jeff Luebbe

Project Manager

Photo of Jeff Luebbe

Alma Mater
Indiana University

What He’s Passionate About

Taking a set of client needs or problems; co-developing a concrete, realistic plan of action to address them; and working through the plan together.

His Professional Experience

Jeff’s background is mainly in managing international technical assistance consulting projects with lots of SMEs, milestones, deliverables, and moving parts. He has lived in four countries and visited over 20. His work has always been customer-facing with frequent touchpoints to foster trusting, can-do relationships—all while ensuring his team’s accountability and successful delivery. Jeff’s projects have involved such industries as agribusiness, financial services, health care, clinical research, and tourism.

He Can’t Live Without

Print news. Jeff is a print news junkie. He was even a cub reporter at The Cincinnati Post. He has lived without a TV, but if he can’t read up on current events, he feels completely cut off from the world.

How He Makes a Difference

Jeff volunteered at a children’s home in Russia and as an after-school tutor at elementary schools in Cincinnati and Washington, DC. He loves how kids everywhere are plain-spoken, curious, and fun.

Fun Fact

Although you will likely never see them, Jeff has two webbed toes on both feet. (And yes, he enjoys swimming!)