John Drugo

Market Director – Business Development & Employee Owner

John Drugo

Alma Mater
University of Pittsburgh

What He’s Passionate About

Helping companies and individuals achieve success. (His personal dedication to teaching and coaching children often allows for him to positively impact their parents, too.)

His Experience

John has more than 30 years of experience in the design, development, and production of custom applications for clients in a variety of industries including banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, retail, hi-tech, and manufacturing. John has managed a geographically dispersed staff of 100 training professionals. He earns trust with his strong aptitude for helping identity real-world solutions to complex corporate challenges.

What We Say About Him

If you ask anyone in TiER1 about John, you’ll hear that he is fair in all aspects of life. And that he cares immensely about people and their success.

His Family

John has been married to his wife Chris for 48 years. They have three kids and eight wonderful grandchildren.

Things He Loves

His Family
Pittsburgh Sports Teams
Candy Crush