Kate Citrin

Creative Director & Employee Owner

Kate Citrin

Alma Mater
Grand Valley State University

What She’s Passionate About

Building narratives that create clarity of mission. As well as, relationships, art, and her job. (We didn’t pay her to say that.)

Professional Experience

Prior to TiER1, Kate worked agency-side, in both marketing and advertising agencies, and built a successful business freelancing for 8 years. She’s worked in pharma, theater, non-profit, healthcare, consumer goods, and food and beverage. Constantly on the lookout for new skills to acquire, Kate has handled everything from branding standards for Fortune 150 companies to photo shoots for the yoga studio down the street.

How She’ll Surprise You

Kate not only participates in yoga competitions, but she is a five-time regional Bishnu Ghosh Cup competitor and a two time national-level competitor. People say she is the yoga equivalent of NPR’s “Car Talk.” If you name any ailment, she will give you a yoga pose to fix it. Kate also says she cries almost any time she hears Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s answer to “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe.” Check it out, but if you’re like Kate, you’ll want tissues handy.

Cat Lover

Her two cats live up to their names: Pele after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanos and 21 lb Loki after the Norse god of mischief