Kayan Moussoba

Graphic Designer & Employee Owner

Kayan Moussoba

Alma Mater
Rhode Island School of Design

What He’s Passionate About

Kayan has a very creative personality. He loves painting, the outdoors, traveling, and environmental conservation.

Professional Experience

Kayan is a high energy and creative professional with over twelve years of diversified experience in print, e-commerce, mobile campaigns, user-interface, packaging design, and social media. His hands-on experience includes contributing to fast-paced, growth-focused start-ups, privately run businesses, and global conglomerates.

How He’ll Surprise You

Kayan says his life was changed when he volunteered in the Amazon and helped reforest a once clear-cut section of the jungle. Kayan can also speak fluent Arabic and can get by in French.

Fun Facts

Kayan’s first name is the Arabic word for “existence” and his last name means “webbed fingers.” He can’t live without music, his bike and nachos. He loves action movies, which include his top three favorites: T2, Fight Club, and Kill Bill. He says if you have watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” then you basically have a window into his family – Windex and all.


Kayan loves drinking espresso because “The tiny cups make me feel like a giant.”