Lea Bridi

Instructional Designer & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
West Virginia University
Carnegie Mellon University

What She’s Passionate About

Diving into messy content and organizing it into a streamlined, easily digestible learning solution.

Her Professional Experience

One of Lea’s first jobs involved helping a university document their business processes in preparation for an Oracle upgrade. Since then, she’s designed basic computer literacy courses for older adults, worked in the contracts department at a large nonprofit, and tutored students in writing. Lea loves being able to draw from all these experiences in her current work. As a former professional writing student, she also likes to think about how our use of language can help (or hinder) the learning process.

How She Makes a Difference

Lea spent a year in the AmeriCorp VISTA program organizing and operating a computer literacy program for the unemployed and older adults. This experience taught Lea about how crucial it is to try to get a true and accurate picture of learner needs, rather than assume what those needs are.

All-Time Favorite Show

Lea has watched 30 Rock all the way through so many times that she could probably recite the entire show.

Fun Facts

Worked as a research assistant in a sociolinguistics lab during her undergrad, studying West Virginian dialects.

Adores her two cats, Nona and Bear.