Marie Seitz

Senior eLearning Developer

Marie Seitz

Alma Mater
University of Cincinnati – DAAP

What She’s Passionate About

Getting the right processes, templates, and people in the right place. She loves working with large projects that involve large teams and working through the standards or templates needed to ensure project success.

Her Experience

Marie has over a decade of experience with eLearning. She also has a background in visual design, and project management. Marie loves to dig into problem solving, the creativity involved with eLearning development, and working with a wide variety of people and projects.

Family Love

Outside of TiER1, Marie and her husband stay busy raising their two children.

Fun Facts

Can’t live without gum or coffee.
Marie’s dad used to teach pi to her and her brother during family vacations. She has pi memorized up to 3.14159265358979.