Matt Kroeger

Creative Strategist

Alma Mater
Xavier University

What He’s Passionate About

Matt is passionate about using creativity to help others solve problems.

What He Brings to the Table

Matt has over 8 years of visual design, motion graphics, and eLearning experience (among other things). He’s worked with clients who have ranged from global pharma companies to local homeless shelters. He also cares deeply about ensuring projects run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. He enjoys finding efficiencies and opportunities for others to leverage their strengths in order to exceed a client’s expectations.

How He Makes a Difference

Matt is a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. He also maintains a daily social media #DoGood post to share good things happening in the world. You can find his posts on Facebook and Twitter (@hashtagdogood), as well as Instagram (@hashtag_dogood).

How He’ll Surprise You

Matt has a weirdly analytical brain that he applies to just about everything. For example, he checks every single NBA/NFL/MLB box score each morning! He also runs a live, weekly video podcast about movies called Spark of Madness.