Megan Sikes

Senior Consultant

Photo of Megan Sikes

Alma Mater
Mercer University
University of Georgia

What She’s Passionate About

Empowering people. Whether serving as a solutions consultant or an impromptu life coach, Megan loves helping people succeed.

What She Brings to the Table

Megan loves figuring out ways to leave a lasting and positive impact. She leverages her background in law and project management to ignite organizational strategies through effective communication, strategic learning, and development.

High Performance Is an Art…

Megan loves singing in the car (regardless of whether other commuters catch a glimpse of her performance). Megan also knows several forms of ballroom dance, but she loves salsa and Argentine tango above all others!

An Unlikely Path

Before entering the learning and development field, Megan worked as a licensed attorney, a network real estate manager for a telecommunications company, and a high-voltage transmission right of way specialist. All of these roles have contributed to her multi-faceted perspective and understanding of a wide range of clients and organizational challenges they may face.

One Thing on Her Bucket List

Growing up, Megan’s family frequently hosted international students. This experience drives her aspiration to one day host students and to travel the world with her family.

All-Time Favorite Quote

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi