Meredith Kipp

Instructional Designer

Alma Mater
Indiana University
Penn State University

What She’s Passionate About

Meredith loves breaking down big, complex concepts into simple, elegant truths.

An Unlikely Path

Meredith has an M.A. in English from Penn State (where she also taught and tutored first-year students in rhetoric and composition). She tends to dabble in a variety of fields; her past work experiences include managing digital marketing for a local real estate company and working as a legislative proofreader for the Indiana General Assembly. She’s also an experienced and passionate bartender who makes a mean margarita and a midwestern girl with southwestern roots: she grew up in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. 

How She’ll Surprise You

Meredith’s experience as a server and bartender haenriched her life in many ways. It has taught her how to communicate with all types of people and handle complicated situations in a timely, professional manner. She loves the opportunity it offers to be an ambassador for her city and point tourists in the right direction, or to help new transplants pick the right neighborhood to live in. She’s also had to deal with not-so-fun duties (like cutting people off after one too many!), but she’s learned that sometimes all you need in a hard situation is the right approach.  

Her Proudest Moment

In 2019, Meredith followed through on her New Year’s Resolution and ran the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon – it’s the most attended mini-marathon in the world, and the seventh mile takes place on the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! She wasn’t much of a runner before, but has kept up with the habit since then.

Fun Facts

Meredith speaks French! It was her second major in college, and she’s studied in France twice (she went to Bretagne in high school and Provence in college). She also can’t live without coffee or her cat!