Michael Arnold

Project Manager

Alma Mater
West Virginia University

What He’s Passionate About

Michael is passionate about creating organization out of chaos (or, in some cases, helping himself and others learn to live with the chaos). He also loves leveraging teamwork and relationships for a greater cause. 

His Street Cred

Michael has an academic background in management information systems and has worked as a Project Manager for 8+ years, primarily in the technology sector. In addition to his project management work, Michael runs a marketing and advertising company, which he started in 2017 in order to gain practical, executive-level marketing knowledgeThis work has given him a new perspective and made him a more well-rounded consultant.  

An Unlikely Path

Michael started his career in the United States Air Force. He worked for and with multiple government agencies, including NASA, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, and the Department of Energy.  While in the military, one of his jobs was flying on a cargo aircraft to ensure its mission capabilities. In times where it was not, he would fix or mitigate issues – sometimes while flying. It was not a rare occasion for him to be harnessed to the plane and pulling back static parachute pull lines from paratroopers.  

A Brush with Fame 

Michael used to teach a kickboxing/Muay Thai mixed martial arts class at a gym in the Pittsburgh area. During that time, his gym was selected as the location site for the movie The Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. He assisted with choreography on the movie and became close to the movie’s leads in the process. He can even recall one time when he was looking over Tom Hardy’s Inception script (the movie had yet to be filmed) while they were hanging out!  

His Favorite Quote

“You can’t be number 1 without being odd” – Dr. Seuss