Mindi Blair

Project Manager & Employee Owner

Mindi Blair

Alma Mater
University of South Florida

What She’s Passionate About

Mindi loves delivering projects, coordinating with resources internal and external to complete project deliverables, coming up with solutions to get things done and keep things moving, and helping with quality control on all projects.

Her Experience

Mindi has experience in project management, instructional systems design and quality assurance testing. She creates and executes project work plans to meet changing needs and requirements. At Tier1, Mindi adeptly manages a range of projects for government and commercial clients.

Her Family

Mindi and her husband Kevin are happily married and have a wonderful son together, Jake.

All-Time Favorite

Her favorite authors are J.D. Robb “In Death” series and Catherin Coulter FBI Thriller series. Mindi would’ve loved to be a detective and solve mysteries as a career.

Fun Fact

Mindi couldn’t survive a work week without chocolate.