Molly Winter

Senior Change Consultant & Employee Owner

Molly Fried

Alma Mater
The George Washington University

What She’s Passionate About

Engaging diverse perspectives and experiences to deliver creative solutions. She loves to identify the strengths in others and will be your biggest cheerleader.

Professional Experience

Molly spent 6 years working at nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C, Chicago and in Germany, developing leadership training and multicultural programs for young adults. She also has experience working in operations for an international film editing company. Molly completed her master’s degree in learning and organizational change at Northwestern University. She is thrilled to help organizations conquer challenges and lead initiatives as a change consultant at TiER1!

An Unlikely Path

Fascinated by culture and mythology, Molly has a BA in religion and is an advocate for interfaith cooperation and leadership. Today, she finds that her experience studying world traditions and cultures inspires her to recognize and leverage the power of culture and values-based leadership in the workplace. As the focus of her capstone project, she interviewed new hires in multiple industries to explore the role of organizational storytelling in onboarding.

Fun Fact

Molly’s maiden name “Fried” is pronounced “Freed.” It’s a German spelling, but she doesn’t mind if it’s mispronounced as it’s not really her name. And although she speaks the language, she’s not of German heritage. Molly’s grandparents were displaced after being liberated from Nazi concentration camps at the end of WWII, receiving shelter in Germany. Their last name changed from Gelberman to Fried due to the US immigration papers they received four years later.

Her Impact

Completed a two-year fellowship in Berlin
Designed multicultural inclusion program for Jewish refugees
Received an award for her service
Her programs are still offered in Berlin today