Noah Adler

Instructional Designer & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
Carnegie Mellon University

What He’s Passionate About

Noah loves brainstorming with clients to design fun and creative solutions that are tailored to whatever challenge he meets.

What He Brings to the Table

Noah received his undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Georgia, and his graduate degree in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University. He has a range of experience including writing for an art museum’s social media, working in a literary agency, designing books, and developing higher education communication strategies. Noah’s ability to adapt to different fields of writing has strengthened his abilities as a versatile communicator and creative thinker. And we’ve found he always comes to the table with an open mind.

Where He’ll Surprise You

During the summer, Noah volunteers in a sea turtle conservation effort by joining other volunteers on the beach to locate and mark fresh turtle nests to protect them from predators.

Fun Facts

Noah wrote a stage-play that was performed by a robot.
His favorite book is “The Raw Shark Texts” by Steven Hall.