Paolo Dominguez

Technology Strategist

Photo of Paolo Dominguez

Alma Mater
Xavier University
University of Cincinnati

What He’s Passionate About

Being innovative and thinking outside the box. Paolo is passionate about delivering great experiences to both external and internal customers. Entrepreneurship is part of his DNA.

His Professional Experience

Over Paolo’s career, he’s built various tech and business solutions ranging from logistics and back-office systems, data warehouses and BI solutions, large multi-year ERP systems, CRM stacks, portals, and many other products. He’s also built people organizations in sales, operations, and service from the ground up. Paolo says that he’s always been an entrepreneur on the side, and currently even has his own tech startup!

His focus in recent years has been on the customer experience (CX) and weaving great experiences into every design and decision point throughout the life cycle of the product. He believes in leading with great experiences in everything that we do, rather than making CX an afterthought. By combining his past experiences in execution with the know-how of creating great experiences, Paolo has laid the ground work to deliver innovative products and solutions that people want.

An Unlikely Path

Believe it or not, in college Paolo was a natural science major (biology, chemistry, and physics), yet his first job out of college was at an IT help desk. He then left the corporate world to create his own tech startup. Continuing as a “tech and AV geek” (his words!), Paolo built his own home theater in the basement: A 140-inch screen and 5—yes, 5—subwoofers that shake the couch so much it can reach a vibration level of 6 on the Richter scale!

Family Matters

Paolo has a wife and three boys—Ty, Xavier, and Koen—as well as their family dog named Buddy. As a family, they love to travel abroad and experience new cultures, locations, and food and drinks.

Fun Fact

Paolo is a foodie! He loves trying new foods and drinks, especially those that are rooted in cultures. (One of his favorite types of food is sushi.)