Rod Ford

Principal Consultant and Learning Strategist & Employee Owner

Rod Ford

Alma Mater
University of Kentucky

What He Brings to the Table

Rod is a storyteller with a talent for bringing together learning events and technologies to create a complete and compelling solution.

Professional Experience

He has over 20+ years of experience in the areas of education strategy, instructional design, competency models, professional development, project management and change management. This includes extensive leadership of large projects for corporate and government entities.

What He’s Passionate About

Guiding learners into reflection and self-assessment.

Practical learning that integrates theoretical and procedural knowledge into scenarios that build depth and breadth of expertise.

Helping others bring their passion and values into their work to live more fully their personal and organizational values.

An Unlikely Path

Not only does Rod hold a B.A. in Journalism, but he also earned a Master of Divinity from the Church of God Theological Seminary.

Fun Fact

Watch for his book about individual resilience, in the midst of the challenges that come with daily life in community.