Ryan Eells

Learning Strategist and Instructional Designer

Alma Mater
Marist College

Where He Shines

Ryan loves to use storytelling, themes, and gamification to make learning engaging, memorable, and fun.

His Street Cred

Ryan majored in communication arts in college and found his way into the world of training after a brief stint working for small television stations. During eight years as a technical trainer for a security company, he discovered the part of his job he enjoyed the most was developing innovative ways to train new hires. This led him to an opening at Bottom-Line Performance, a learning solutions company that was acquired by TiER1 in 2019. At BLP and now, at TiER1, he has enjoyed having the opportunity to work with super-skilled and creative people on training and learning solutions.

What He Can’t Live Without

Ryan can’t live without excellent stories. Whether they are in great books, great movies and TV shows, or great video games, he loves them all (if they’re good, of course!). Nothing beats being immersed in another world for a couple hours. Also, he can’t live without peanut butter, straight from the jar.

Family Matters

Ryan and his wife have two great kids: a son who goes to IU (Indiana University) and a daughter in high school. Also, they love Labrador Retrievers and have three (each a different color!) and a cat.

Fun Fact

Ryan loves to travel and go hiking. While he likes to visit new places whenever he can, Disney World is his home away from home. Ryan and his wife have been to Disney World 13 times since they met!