Ryan Meyer

Director of Technology Solutions & Employee Owner

Ryan Meyer

Alma Mater
University of Cincinnati

What He Brings to the Table

Ryan drives TiER1’s technology strategy and is a strategic thinker at heart. He is always balancing innovation and pragmatism to architect solutions that fill clients’ needs. He is in his happy place at a whiteboard figuring how it all fits together (or programming).

Professional Experience

Ryan was made for TiER1 from the start. He graduated with a degree in computer engineering from the University of Cincinnati. After working for an engineering software product company, he decided he wanted to work in a more dynamic environment with a diverse team that would have a direct impact on clients. He joined TiER1 in 2008, where he added value as an application developer, user experience designer, team lead, principal research investigator, career adviser, solution architect, and technology strategist.

The Doughnut Guy

In college, Ryan worked in a grocery store bakery. He would get up before the sun came up (at 5 am) five days a week, and proof, fry, glaze, decorate, and stock the doughnuts. He says it was almost enough to ruin doughnuts for him forever… almost. We think he should prove his skills at the next TiER1 “Meet and Greet.”

Fun Fact

When he’s not busy geeking out on technology, Ryan is a professional trivia night player. He also hones his “Yes, and..” brainstorming skills by practicing short- and long- form improv (although he’s still working up the courage to perform on stage!).

World Traveler

Ryan found his match and perfect culinary world travel partner in 2012 when he married his wife, Michelle. Together, they have eaten their way across Egypt, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Germany, France, Slovenia, and Croatia.

What Others Say

“Somehow Ryan manages to speak Geek in a way that everyone can understand.”