Shari Tolomeo

Senior Consultant, Project Management & Employee Owner

Shari Tolomeo

Alma Mater
Clarion University

What She’s Passionate About

Building project plans for complex solutions and making all of the steps in the process fit into the client’s desired timeline.

Professional Experience

Shari brings years of experience in project management and sales support to every project. She has experience in closely managing projects from start to finish, as well as monitoring project plans and budgets, and keeping project teams informed during the course of the endeavor. She also has experience in supporting the sales cycles from prospecting to contract award. She is extremely skilled in solving for resource allocation and timeline development.

An Outdoorswoman

When she isn’t managing projects, you can find Shari sitting at a campground enjoying nature, the outdoors, and all of the natural beauty the world has to offer.

She Can’t Live Without

Her Husband
Her Snooze Button
The TV Show, Friends