Stu Rodgers

Managing Director & Employee Owner

Stu Rodgers

Alma Mater
U.S. Air Force Academy

What He’s Passionate About

Helping teams and individuals improve their performance. Stu enjoys the challenge of bringing industry best practices and the latest research-based innovations to strategic change, talent development, and communications programs across federal and state government clients.

His Roots

Stu served with the U.S. Air Force as a flight instructor, fighter pilot, and experimental test pilot; and he held several leadership positions in Air Force research and development offices. For many years, Stu has participated in research and development projects focused on human cognitive modeling, cognitive performance tracking, and prediction.

His Street Cred

Stu is an inventor of the patented modeling and prediction technology titled Predictive Performance Optimizer, U.S. patent number 8,568,145. He has also authored and presented technical papers on heuristic search, computational cognitive process models, human performance modeling, and knowledge representation topics.

His Secret to Success

Tons of rehearsal and many, many hours of studying are what Stu describes as his secret to success in the Air Force. He believes there is no substitute for focus and hard work. Stu surrounds himself with people who are fully consumed at being the best both as individuals and team members. For him, this environment is a great inspiration.

He’s Not All Business

When he’s not at work Stu enjoys sailing catamarans. In fact, Stu spent one of his first (of many) dates with his wife sailing a Prindle 16 in the Gulf of Mexico.